Abuse restoration

Abuse is one of the saddest, most devastating things a child (or adult) can encounter. Much is written about healing, and there are many wonderful counselors that help wounded children. 

The booklet "The story that was changed" was written to help restore a child's sense of worth. It should preferably be introduced to the child after counseling has been done and some healing has taken place.

To print:

  • 2 sheets are required, printed back-to-back. 
  • With a duplexing printer, choose the option 'Print on both sides of paper' (print double-sided).
  • For printers printing only on one side, first select to print page 1. Then turn the printed page over, place into the feed tray, and select to print page 2. Repeat, as above, for pages 3 and 4. (Note: printer configurations differ.)
  • Cut the 2 sheets in half to separate the top pages from the bottom ones. Sort the pages into the correct order; staple the booklet, and fold. Trim the edges for a neater look.