April 1

Judges 6:25-32

A daring act

The Lord’s angel had told Gideon that God would use him to rescue the Israelites from their enemies. That evening, the angel told him to take two bulls and go and destroy his father’s altar to the heathen god, Baal. The Lord also told him to build an altar on the exact same spot and burn one of the bulls on it using the wood from the Asherah pole (which was also an idol).

That night, while everybody was sleeping, he and ten of his servants took the two bulls and tore down the altar. In the morning, when the people of the town got up and found that their altar had been torn down, they asked each other, "Who did this?" When they found out that Gideon had done it, they said to his father Joash, "Bring Gideon here so we can put him to death."

But Joash said, "Are you trying to defend Baal? It is his altar that was torn down; let Baal defend himself!"

How can I openly honor God?

People usually talk and write about the things that fill their minds. David wrote many beautiful songs and poems about the Lord because he thought about God all the time (Psalm 63:6).

Those who watch and listen to horrible things, fill their minds (and hearts) with wrong things. The evil that litters their minds starts to spill out in different ways that can be seen and heard by those around them.

So if, for example, someone at school has scribbled bad words somewhere, or written something dishonoring about the Lord, you could ask your teacher if you may clean it off or blot it out. God will honor your bold step when you, like Gideon, do the right thing.

Verse for today

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8