April 26
1 Samuel 9:1-6, 18-20

Lost and found

There was a man named Kish who had a tall, handsome son named Saul. Some of his donkeys had wandered off, so Kish asked Saul and one of the servants to go look for the donkeys. For three days they walked all over the countryside looking for the donkeys. Eventually Saul said to his servant, “Let’s go back home or my father may become more worried about us than about his donkeys.”

His servant said, “Wait! There is a holy man in this town; maybe he can tell us where the donkeys are.”

As Saul and his servant were going into the town, Samuel came walking towards them. Samuel said to Saul, “Don’t worry, your donkeys have already been found.”

What should I do when something is lost?

How terrible it feels when a pet you love disappears. It could be a puppy that has run away or a rabbit that got out. How would you feel if an important schoolbook went missing or something valuable got lost?

Saul did the right thing. First he went to look for his father’s donkeys and then, when it was clear that they were nowhere to be found, he went to see Samuel, a man of God. Saul realized that God could see exactly where his donkeys were and could lead him straight there.

When something goes missing, you should pray to God. Remember, your prayer of faith is as valuable to God as the prayer of an adult. After you have prayed, keep looking—like the woman who searched for her lost coin (Luke 15:8-9). Trust God to lead you; and if He gives you peace, then thank Him for hearing your prayer. Expect God to answer, and trust Him to work things out in the very best way!

Verse for today

‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ Luke 15:6