April 6
Judges 8:1-3, 28

Feeling left out

When all the fighting was over and the two Midianite chiefs had been killed, the people from the tribe of Ephraim complained to Gideon. “Why didn’t you call us to help you fight the Midianites?” they asked.

So Gideon said to them, “The little I did was nothing compared to what you have done. With God’s help you killed the Midianite chiefs! What have I done to compare with that?” When they heard what Gideon said, they were not so angry anymore.

In the end the Midianites were completely defeated and were no longer a threat. The Lord sent peace in the land for as long as Gideon lived.

What should I do about someone who feels left out?

Have you ever been told that you could only invite a certain number of friends to a party? If you were to meet one of the friends who wasn’t invited and feels hurt, what would you say?

Maybe you are the captain of a team and have to decide who gets to play in a match. How would you explain to your friend why you didn’t choose him or her?

You could say; “You aren’t quite good enough,” or “There wasn’t enough space for everyone.” However, deep down you know that you would not be happy with an answer like that. On the other hand, trying to avoid your friend in the hope that the problem will go away will only make your friendship cool off.

Gideon realized that a tribe had been left out of the action, but he let them share the feeling of victory by making them feel important and useful.

Can you think of some ways to encourage a friend who feels left out?

Verse for today

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4