August 18

Esther 3:8-15

Revenge on a nation

Haman’s dislike for Mordecai turned into a deep hatred; not only for Mordecai, but for all the Jews still living in Babylon. It all started when Haman was made the chief official, and Mordecai refused to bow to him.

Haman went to the King and said, “There is a certain group of people scattered all over your kingdom. These people have customs that are not like ours and they don’t obey our laws. It would be best for you to give an order to kill every Jew in the empire. If you do this, I will pay you loads of silver for you to use as you wish.”

The king was convinced. He took off the ring used for signing official laws and gave it to Haman, saying, “The people are yours; do whatever you like to them.”

Why do certain groups of people dislike each other?

How would you feel if a hockey player (from a team that was known for cheating) asked to borrow your hockey stick? Would you be glad to help him out?

To be honest, we are all guilty of judging the whole group by the actions of some individuals within that group. When someone goes to a certain school, we may find ourselves acting differently towards that person because we don’t like that school.

Jesus doesn’t treat people differently because of the group they belong to. Every person is special to Him! He healed a leper who was treated as an outcast; He spoke to a Samaritan woman who was born into a hated tribe; He made friends with Matthew who was known as a dishonest tax collector.

People sometimes judge others unfairly by thinking things that are not true. That is called prejudice, which means judging before. Be careful that you don’t get caught in the prejudice trap!

Verse for today

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Luke 6:37