February 13
Genesis 45:16-20, 46:5-6

Together again

When the king of Egypt heard about Joseph’s brothers, and that his father was still in Canaan, he said, “Let your brothers go back to Canaan and fetch your father and everything they own and let them stay here in Egypt.”

So Joseph sent his brothers back to Canaan with wagons to fetch their wives and children, and their father Jacob.

From that time on, Jacob and all his sons, their wives and their children, stayed together in Egypt where they had more than enough food and land.

Do family break-ups always have a happy ending?

Jacob and all his sons were together again. How happy he must have been to have everyone safely together after what his family had been through over the years. Jacob had honored God, and God had kept His promise to bless him.

Perhaps you know of a family that is not together anymore. Death, divorce, and living far from one another can scatter a family like pieces of a broken-up puzzle.

God loves families and will always bless the family that honors Him. Whether family members are in one place or scattered all over the world, God can bless them wherever they are.

Although God can bring families together that have been broken through divorce, He does not interfere with the decisions of a mother and father. He will not make people do something they don’t want to, nor can He force people to love each other. There may not always be a happy ending for families here on earth, but a time is coming when all who believe will become one big family in Heaven—for ever and ever!

Verse for today

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you” John 14:18.