February 25
Exodus 14:8-14

The Egyptians are coming

The Israelites were well on their way when they got to a place where the Red Sea stretched out in from of them. The problem was how they would get across to the other side.

Suddenly someone noticed a cloud of dust in the distance. Pharaoh had changed his mind about letting the Israelites go and was sending his army after them.

The Israelites started to panic. “What now, Moses?” they cried. “We should rather have stayed as slaves in Egypt. Now we are going to die out here in the desert.” With the sea on the one side, mountains on the other and an army behind them, there seemed to be no way of escape!

Then Moses said, “Don’t be afraid, you will see what the Lord will do today; the Lord will fight for us.”

What must I do when I am cornered?

In a disaster such as a fire, a flood or an earthquake, people are sometimes trapped under rubble, unable to escape the approaching flames or the rising water. Being trapped is very scary!

Can you imagine being cornered by a vicious, snarling dog! Maybe you have had a bad experience—a time when you were really scared. Maybe someone hurt you and you couldn’t get away because the person was stronger than you.

If you are ever trapped and you can’t get away from danger, call out to the Lord and He will rescue you and help you. Maybe you have had a bad experience that still makes you afraid and gives you bad dreams. Tell your mom or dad about your fears; then pray that God will take those thoughts away and give you His peace.

Verse for today

“Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me” Psalm 50:15.