February 6
Genesis 39:6-12, 19-20

The set-up

While Joseph took care of things in Potiphar’s household, everything went well. As he went about his daily chores, Potiphar’s wife noticed how handsome Joseph was. She liked him and it wasn’t long before she invited him to her bedroom. Joseph knew trouble when he saw it—and this was trouble! So Joseph refused to do what she wanted.

Then one day, when Potiphar was away, His wife again said to Joseph, “Come to my bedroom with me.” She grabbed him by his robe. Joseph pulled and squirmed until he was free and ran away, leaving her clutching the robe.

Potiphar’s wife kept the robe, and when her husband got back, she showed him Joseph’s robe, saying, “This slave you brought into our house came into my room and said bad things to me, and when I screamed he ran away.”

Potiphar believed her and was so furious that he had Joseph arrested and put in the king’s prison.

What should I do when I’m blamed for something I didn’t do?

  • Being treated unfairly or accused for something you didn’t do can make you feel very angry. Talk to someone about those feelings and ask God to give you peace by helping you forgive the person who wronged you.
  • If someone has got you into trouble and you need to explain what happened, stick to the facts (James 5:12).
  • Let God deal with it! Don’t threaten the person or try to get even with the one who accused you wrongly.

Remember, bad people lied about Jesus too (see Mark 14:53-56).

Verse for today

"Blessed are you when people insult you, …and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me” Matthew 5:11.