"Whew! I'm glad we got away from the lion of temptation!"

"Oh, he'll be back, Thomas. You always have to be on the lookout for him."


Suddenly, there was a large open space.

"Wow! Is that a castle?" Cheery asked excitedly.

"I suppose you could call it a castle, Cheery. It is the fortress of safety. Anyone may use it when they're in trouble or danger."

"Well, I'd feel a lot safer if we stayed in there for the night, Ben. I didn't like that roaring noise back there."


"Sure, Cheery. We can stay at the fortress. I'm pretty worn out from the long journey. How about you, Thomas?"

"I agree, Ben. Come on, let's get in there quick. I just heard another roaring sound coming from those trees."

As they got close to the fortress, the gates started opening and Cheery exclaimed, "Just look at that! That is so awesome!"


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