January 11
Genesis 6:13-22

Obedience despite the odds

God said to Noah, “I will put an end to the whole human race because the world if full of their violent deeds.

Build a boat for yourself, for I am going to send a flood that will cover the whole earth.

The boat must have a roof over the top. It must have three decks with rooms, and a door on the side. Then, cover the inside and outside with tar.”

So Noah did exactly as the Lord had told him to do.

Why doesn’t God just make wicked people vanish?

Noah was given a huge task. He had to build a boat that would take many, many years to complete.

What thoughts would have gone through your mind if God had told you to build an ark? Would you perhaps have thought it rather unfair that you had to do such hard work just because others were so sinful? Was there not an easier way to get rid of the sin and wickedness?

God made the universe with certain physical laws—for example, the Law of Gravity. Everything on earth gets pulled towards the center of the earth; and that is how we keep from falling off.

Although God has the power to work outside of the natural laws He put in place, He often shows His power by using natural laws in a supernatural way. God does not rush into decisions or take shortcuts to carry out His will. He often chooses to show His power through people, and patiently waits for His perfect will to take place.

Verse for today

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8