January 27
Genesis 24:26-31, 50-52

A wife for Isaac

God had given Abraham’s servant the special sign he had asked for. He now knew that the woman who was giving his camels water was the wife God had chosen for Isaac.

The servant gave Rebekah jewelry and asked to stay for the night. So Rebekah ran home to tell everyone what had happened. Rebekah’s brother Laban was almost as excited as Rebekah and invited Abraham’s servant to stay. The servant wanted to settle the matter straight away.

When Rebekah’s father Bethuel heard the whole story, both he and Laban said, “This whole matter is up to the Lord; it is not for us to decide. Here, take Rebekah to be the wife of your master’s son.”

Will someone else decide who I marry?

There are many traditions that make one group of people different from another. You may have heard someone talk about their culture—the way they do things.

In Abraham’s time, it was a father’s duty to find a wife for his son. The father of the daughter would then decide if he would let his daughter get married to the other man’s son.

In this way, a father would try to make sure that his son or his daughter would be happily married.

Although your parents may not choose a life-partner for you, it is always good to listen to their advice when the time comes. And don’t forget that you have a heavenly Father who will help you make the best choice of all.

Verse for today

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3