January 29
Genesis 28:5, 10-15

What a dream!

Esau hated his brother Jacob for having taken his father’s blessing from him. Meanwhile, when his mother Rebekah found out that Esau was planning to kill Jacob, she suggested to her husband, Isaac, that Jacob should go to the country where his grandfather lived, to find a wife for himself there. And so Jacob left.

On his way to Haran, as the sun was setting, he found a place to camp for the night. While he slept, he dreamed that he saw a stairway reaching up from earth to heaven. Angels were going up and down on it.

Then the Lord said to him, “I will give you the land on which you are sleeping. I will be with you and will protect you wherever you go.”

Does God still speak to us through dreams?

Do you wish that all your dreams would come true? You may have had a dream that seemed so real, that you were quite disappointed to wake up and find that it was only a dream.

For Jacob, his dream did come true. God actually spoke to him in the dream and told him what would happen in the future.

God can, and does, still speak to people through dreams, although it is not the usual way that God speaks to us.

We have a more sure way to hear from God; and that is through reading the Bible. You can go back to a verse or passage from the Bible as many times as you like to see what God is saying to you. Unlike a dream; with God’s Word, you don’t even have to figure out the meaning. With the help of others and the Holy Spirit who lives in you, God will let you know details of His plan for your life when the time is right.

Verse for today

Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams. Acts 2:17