January 9
Genesis 4:8-16

Sin – a growing problem

Cain was jealous because God had accepted Abel’s offering, but not his. Because of this, he let anger to grow in his heart.

“Let’s go to the fields,” he said to his brother Abel.

When they were far away, Cain turned on his brother and killed him.

How can I get rid of my feelings of anger and jealousy?

God warned Cain of the jealousy that had crept into his heart. But, instead of doing what is right, his angry heart made him think of a way to get rid of his brother.

Feelings of anger and jealousy don’t just go away on their own. When something happens that makes us feel jealous or angry, we must stop those selfish feelings and thoughts right away.

Ask God to make your heart clean and to give you His peace.

Go to the person with whom you are angry and talk about the way you feel. If the person has hurt you, tell him/her that you forgive them.

If you are jealous of someone, make a point of being kind to that person. Also, be grateful for what you have—even the little things.

Remember that you first need to take action (do what is right) before your feelings will start to change.

By following Jesus’ example of love, you will find it a lot easier to get along with others. Jesus did not tell us to like everybody (that would be impossible); He told us to love others!

Verse for today

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18