March 22
Joshua 2:8-21

The great escape

The king of Jericho had his men looking all over the countryside for the Israelite spies who were still hiding under the pile of drying flax on the roof of Rahab’s house.

Then Rahab went up and said to them, “We have heard how your God dried up the Red Sea and let you conquer the kings east of the Jordan River. Now be as kind to me and to my family as I have been to you. When you attack the city, promise me that you will not let us be killed.”

The spies said to her, “When we invade your land, tie this red cord to the window and you will not be harmed.”

Then Rahab, whose house was built into the wall surrounding the city, helped the spies escape by letting them down the outside of the wall with a long rope.

Is believing in God all I must do to be saved?

It took a lot of courage for Rahab to hide the spies in her house. She was willing to risk her life because she had heard about the great things God had done for the Israelites. She believed that their God is the only true God.

Rahab not only believed—she acted. She showed that her faith was real. By tying the red ribbon to her window, she showed that she believed her life would be spared (see Hebrews 11:31).

Although Rahab believed in God, it was the red cord that saved her. Even though we believe in God, it is the blood of Jesus that saves us. Merely believing that God exists will not save us just as Rahab’s belief alone would not have saved her. She had to do something: she had to tie the red cord where it could be seen.

There is only one way we can be saved from the destruction of sin: by asking Jesus to forgive us, thereby placing the sign of His precious blood on our hearts.

Verse for today

For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:10