March 23
Joshua 3:9-17, 4:1-7

Crossing the river

After hiding in the countryside for three days, the men that had spied on the city of Jericho returned to Joshua.

Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Tell the priests to carry the Covenant Box and walk towards the river, and when they reach it, they must not stop.”

The priests did what the Lord said, and when they stepped into the Jordan River, the water stopped flowing and everyone walked across on dry ground.

When everybody was safely across on the other side, the Lord said, “Choose a man from each tribe to carry a big stone from the middle of the river to where you camp tonight. Later on, this pile of stones will remind you and your children of what happened here today.”

So the twelve men took the stones they had carried from the dry river bed and placed them on a pile on the other side.

How can I remember all the great things God has done for me?

Has God answered a prayer of yours in an unusual way? Has He shown you His faithfulness at a time when you really needed Him to help you?

If we don’t remember the times when God has done amazing things in our lives, we may become like the Israelites who forgot how God had made a way for them through the Red Sea when Pharaoh’s army was right behind them. Once again, God opened a way for the Israelites; however this time, they made a big pile of stones that would remind them of His faithfulness.

One way in which you can remember God’s answers to your prayers, and the promises He has given you, is to write down what happened and the date on which it happened. You could also add verses from the Bible that became especially meaningful to you at the time. Write them in a journal or in the back of your Bible.

Verse for today

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2