March 27
Joshua 9:3-15

Joshua is tricked

The victories of Israel became known all over the land. When the people of Gibeon heard how Joshua had conquered Jericho and Ai, they decided to fool him. They sent men dressed in worn-out clothes and with moldy bread to meet with Joshua. The men said to Joshua, “See, we have come from a distant land to make peace with you. We are at your service.”

Then Joshua’s men said, “Why should we make a treaty with you? Maybe you live nearby.”

“Look at our bread,” they replied. ”When we left home, this bread was freshly baked. Even our clothes and sandals are worn out from the long journey.”

So Joshua made a peace treaty with them—without asking the Lord. Three days later, Joshua found out that the men lived nearby, but the Israelites could do nothing to them.

How do I know whom to trust?

It is in the nature of a young child to trust others because that is the way God has made us. From birth, we learn to trust our parents. Later, we trust others in the family, and eventually we start trusting teachers and other adults.

If you have been brought up around good people, it may come as a surprise that not everyone can be trusted. Even ordinary people with a friendly smile may have a heart that cannot be trusted. Joshua should have prayed and asked God what to do.

Let your parents know about the people you talk to. And before you make any deals or plans with someone you don’t know well, ask your parents what they think—and above all, ask God!

Verse for today

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. Nahum 1:7