May 14
1 Samuel 19:9-18

An idol in bed

One day, Saul was in one of his bad moods again. He was sitting with his spear in his hand, listening to David playing on his harp. As a deep hatred and anger filled Saul’s heart, he lifted his spear and threw it at David. David jumped out the way and ran for his life.

Then Saul sent his men to watch David’s house and kill him the next day. Michal, his wife, warned him; “If you don’t escape tonight, they will kill you in the morning.” Then she helped David escape through a high window and put a life-sized idol in his bed.

When Saul’s men came to get David, Michal told them that he was sick. But when the men went back to tell Saul he said, “Carry him here in his bed so that I can kill him.” So the men went back to fetch David and discovered that it was only an idol in the bed. Saul was furious that his own daughter had tricked him and that she had let David escape.

Was David afraid of Saul?

David had not been afraid to face Goliath, who was far bigger and fiercer than King Saul. If David had the courage to face Goliath, why was he so afraid of someone like Saul? Why would he run away from him?

David’s courage came from knowing that he was doing what God wanted him to do. When he faced Goliath, there was no doubt in his mind about what God wanted him to do.

David also knew that, although God had chosen him to be the next king, his time to rule had not yet come (1 Samuel 24:6). He was not going to take over from God and do things on his own, as Saul had done. He was waiting for God’s perfect time, but while waiting, his life was in danger and so he decided to get out of Saul’s way.

Verse for today

My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me. Psalm 31:15