May 21
2 Samuel 5:1-7, 9-10

David becomes king

David was thirty years old when the leaders of the tribes of Israel came to him and said; “You are one of us. Even when Saul was our king, you led the people of Israel into battle, and the Lord also promised that you would rule His people.”

Then they anointed David as their king and he ruled Israel for forty years. David captured the walled city of Jerusalem and ruled from there. The city became known as The City of David.

How can I let Jesus be King of my life?

Would you like to have a real king in your life and become part of his kingdom? You can! You can let the King of the whole universe rule in your life from this moment on. He is the best King you could ever have—a King who loves you, who is powerful, who is completely fair—and a king who lives forever.

The King wants you to:

  • obey Him (John 14:23)
  • serve him (John 15:16)
  • be loyal to Him (Luke 16:13)

The King will:

  • keep you safe (John 10:28)
  • let you live in peace (John 14:27)
  • give you what belongs to Him (Romans 8:17)
  • give you a new life that never ends (John 3:16)

All you need to do is tell Jesus that you want Him to be your King. By doing that you become part of God’s Kingdom and receive a big gift! You receive ETERNAL LIFE. When you ask Jesus to become King of your life and you allow Him to rule in your heart, His Spirit comes to live in you. From that moment on, He will never leave you: He will always be there to guide you and help you do what is right.

Verse for today

I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:1