May 7
1 Samuel 17:16-26

How dare he say that!

Day after day, Goliath mocked the army of the living God; yet not one of the Israelite soldiers was brave enough to fight the Philistine giant. During that time, Jesse asked his youngest son David to take some grain and loaves of bread to his brothers who were in Saul’s army.

Early the next morning, David left someone in charge of the sheep and set off for the valley of Elah. When he got there, the Israelites and Philistines were taking up positions for battle. David took the food he had brought to the officer in charge of the food supplies. Then he ran off to look for his brothers and found them—ready for battle. As he talked to them, Goliath the Philistine started challenging the Israelites as he had done before.

“Listen to his challenge,” the Israelites said to David as Goliath kept mocking God’s people, and God Himself (verse 45).

What should I do when someone mocks God?

Do you feel angry when someone mocks God or laughs at you for believing in Jesus? Do you wish that God would prove Himself in a powerful way right there in front of everyone?

What did Jesus do when He was mocked? (Matthew 27:30-31). He did not defend Himself or threaten those who laughed at Him. What did Jesus do when they insulted him? (Mark 15:29). He forgave them! (Luke 23:34). Jesus could have called down thousands of angels (Matthew 26:53), but instead He chose to show us how much He loves us.

God is patient and merciful—He even loves those who mock and insult Him. When you hear someone mock God, you can ask the person not to talk that way, and you can pray that he or she may find the way to God (maybe by seeing the kindness and love of God in your life).

Verse for today

But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. Matthew 12:36