September 28
Matthew 14:22-33

“Come, Peter!”

After Jesus had fed the crowd, He told the disciples to get into the boat and go to the other side of the lake. Meanwhile, Jesus went up the hill to pray. When evening came, Jesus was alone. By this time His disciples were far out on the lake and a strong wind was tossing their boat around on the waves.

Very early the following morning, while it was still dark, Jesus walked out to them on top of the water. When the disciples saw someone walking towards them, they were very scared.

But Jesus called out, “Don’t worry, it’s Me!”

Peter called back, “If it is really You, Lord, tell me to walk to You on the water.”

“Come!” Jesus replied. So Peter got out of the boat and walked to Jesus on the water. But when Peter looked around and saw the wind and waves, he was afraid and started to sink. At once, Jesus reached out his hand and caught Peter. “You of little faith,” Jesus said, “why did you doubt?”

Then they got into the boat and the storm died down.

Why did Jesus let Peter sink?

Peter wanted to step out of the boat and walk to Jesus: this showed his courage. Peter asked Jesus about getting out of the boat: this showed his wisdom. Peter hopped over the side of the boat and walked out to Jesus: this showed his obedience.

Jesus is the One who created the laws of nature, and He can change those laws whenever He wants. And so, while Peter kept looking at Jesus, his faith was strong and he walked on the water. Why then, did Peter start to sink?

Peter looked around at the waves. His sudden fear swamped His faith, and without faith, Peter was affected by the laws of nature, which made him sink like a stone.

Always remember that even when your faith is weak, Jesus is always there, and He will hold on to you!

Verse for today 

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3