September 4
Luke 2:41-50

Jesus was a child

When Jesus was twelve years old, Mary and Joseph took Him to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast, as they had done every year.

When the feast was over, his parents returned home with a group of relatives and friends. They had traveled for a whole day before they realized that Jesus was not with the other children, as they thought.

So Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem and found Jesus sitting with the teachers in the Temple, listening to them and asking them questions.

Did Jesus need to learn about God and the Scriptures?

This is a mystery we cannot understand; that while Jesus was on earth, He was completely human and completely God. From the time He was born until He went back to His Father in heaven, He was the only person to live a completely sinless life.

Jesus grew from a tiny baby to a young boy, and from a teenager to a young man. He had to learn things just as you do. As a toddler, He learned to walk; as a boy, He learned to play with the other kids; as a teenager He learned to help His dad. He learned to read and write and get along with those who were mean. Nothing was easier for Jesus just because He is the Son of God.

Although the Bible doesn’t tell us much about the childhood of Jesus, we know that at the age of twelve, He knew enough about the Scriptures to be able to talk to the leaders in the Temple about the things of God. Even though by this time, Jesus knew that He was the Son of God (verse 49), it would seem that He didn’t know everything, because He listened carefully to the teachers and asked them many questions.

Never think that you are too young to understand things about God. If you are not quite sure about something or you would like to find out more, ask questions like Jesus did.

Verse for today         

And Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:52