You are more than you think

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Discovering the unique you

  • This is you!

Your body

  • A perfect creation
  • Jars of clay
  • The eye gate and ear gate
  • My big mouth
  • The struggle for control
  • A temple for God

Your soul

  • Beneath the surface
  • The mind; the heart
  • The will
  • From values to action
  • Attitudes
  • Decisions
  • Actions

Your spirit

  • The center of who we are
  • A new spirit
  • It depends on one’s heart condition
  • Recognized by your fruit

What makes you special?

  • Fitting the pieces together
  • Your talents – virtues of the body
  • Your personality – virtue of the soul
  • Your gifts – virtues of the spirit
  • Your past

A new spirit

  • The transformation
  • A change of heart
  • Temptation, sin guilt and forgiveness
  • Facts, faith and feelings
  • Worship

Our Future

  • The tent we live in
  • A new body
  • A final thought
  • A prayer of blessing